Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another big one looming?

Well I feel like im getting closer to cashing relatively big in a MTT soon, ive got into the habit now of trying to play at least one or two MTTs every weekend in the hope of adding a nice boost to my bankroll.
I played a $20 180 man sng last week and came 12th, I was so close to making that final table. Theres nothing more frustrating than playing for 3 hours and busting that close to the big money! But, I think I played at my best and felt that I didnt make too many mistakes - I busted pushing A6 from the small blind into the big blind who called half his stack with A9 and it held up. Personally I thought it was a bad call on the bubble but thats just me. These things happen. My M was about 4 so it was a no brainer really..
I quite like the format of the 180 man sngs and seem to get qutie far in them each time, fingers crossed if I keep trying, one day I may get a nice cash :)

Ive used all of my T$ playing the $15 turbos. My bankroll at pokerstars is looking very healthy now.
Im not gonna be too quick in moving up this time, ive decided to wait until ive played around 250 at this level, just so ive got a nice cushion when the inevitable downswings kick in.

Im also going to try some 2 table sng turbos this weekend as I hear they are quite profitable.

So to summarise, heres my current bankroll and ROI:

Pokerstars: $805
WillHill: $130.88
Neteller: $271.68

TOTAL: $1207.56
SNG ROI: 17%

So going in the right direction at the moment

On a completely different topic im at a bit of a dilemma with the kickboxing. Basically Im supposed to be fighting in Cardiff on March 3rd, but im also starting my brown belt training on Sunday. It is very difficult to give equal attention to both mainly because I would have to train full contact techniques for the fight whilst mastering the semi-contact techniques for my brown belt. Im thinking maybe I should get my brown belt outta the way then concentrate on the fighting..hmmm...

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