Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well how quick has that year gone, I cant beleive its 2007 already!
1strules comment gave me a much needed kick up the ar*e. Basically it feels like im on a bit of a downswing at the moment so for some reason I feel less inclined to post, which is wrong really. I cant just post when things are good, the whole idea of this blog is to outline both my ups and my downs.
Thing is though, I hate complaining about badbeats and the like. Ive had my fair share over the last few weeks but then Ive also served a few so I cant complain, thats poker variance :)

This hand came up a few weeks ago, I cant seem to find the original handhistory text but I did paste it into

It always makes me smile lol. I had been reading Phils Little Green Book prior to this, and I remembered a tip he gave where he reccomended sometimes betting the pot with a good hand if an ace is on the board hoping to be raised. Well thats what I did here, I had 2 pair completely disguised in a multiway pot. But this was also bottom 2 pair meaning I would like to limit the fields.
I didnt get the raise I hoped for but got the call. My hand got even better again on the turn. I had the feeling this opponent was going all the way here, I played the hand very slowly ( I purposely took a long time to call his raise here to try show weakness), the check on the river worked perfectly and induced a lovely all in from villain with A6o!!!!!

Ive had some nasty hands since then but as I said I dont like to post bad beats, most people to dont want to hear bad beat stories!
So at the moment Im playing the $15 turbo sngs, according to my records my ROI is 55% at the moment but thats only over 22 sngs. Ive lost the last 6 though :(

My xmas was brilliant, very relaxing, very nice to see all the family again. I think I may have over indulged though, have some work to do in the gym lol.
New Years Eve, well it wasnt the best but im not gonna go into that, long story but I ended up home by 10.30 while the missus was collapsed in bed!!
I decided to play a 180 man $10 sng again on ps, I came 11th. I have a feeling I can probably make a good cash in one of these again soon. Maybe I should try the $20 180s?

So far as I said ive only read most of Phils little green book, its a good one though. Lots of very useful tips, and its all very easy to follow!


Well I had to take advantage of the pokerstars reload, they dont come around often. I needed an extra $600 though, so I cashed everything out of WillHill and Bodog, plus had to redeposit an extra $300 from my bank account although this will be going straight back into my bank account once the 48 hour wait to withdraw has elapsed.
So I have to gain 1500 fpps to get $150, however I have 180 days to do so. Hopefully I can clear this playing sngs.
Ive played quite a few mtts over christmas and not cashed big in any so though my ROI is good in the sngs my bankroll still aint going up:

Pokerstars: $1212.6(Not for long, $600 back out to neteller, $300 back into bank acc)
Party: $18.17
Ladbrokes + Bodog: $3 on each
Neteller: $81.68

Total Bankroll: At the moment stands at $1318, this will drop to $1018 once the
$300 is withdrawn back into my bank acc.

I really need to crack on with this quest and try get the bankroll moving in the right direction, a year isnt long really. I know other people have done it so I dont see why I cant, I think I need to be a bit more of a gambler and not be too afraid to move up the limits.
Well thats it for now, I could go on forever but Id better stop as I dont want to bore anyone to tears! Hope xmas went well for everyone, happy new year all :)

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