Monday, July 14, 2008

Im back!

I havent posted here since last year, basically I had a very busy year!
The original purpose of this blog was to follow my quest to fund my australia trip through playing poker.
Well I almost did it! I funded about £500 towards it (the rest I spent throughout the year on various luxuries lol inclding a xbox 360 and samsung 32" tv! Lol so I didnt do bad really. I went to oz and had an amazing time
Before I went away I withdrew all my funds from pokerstars.

Ive only just in the last 2 months or so started getting back into poker online. I chucked $50 into PKR jsut for a laugh, im now up to $150 so not bad really.
Im now remembering how I was so addicted!!

To be honest when I bought COD4 for the xbox, poker took a back seat. This was my new addiction for a long time lol, this game is awesome online.
But ya cant beat the adrenaline rush when scooping up a big pot playing poker! So for now im back into poker :)