Monday, November 20, 2006

First attempt at the turbos

Got a few things to cover, its been a while since my last update!

Since my MTT win I havent had much luck playing the $10 sng's at pokerstars, in fact my roi is in the minus at the mo :(
Apparently according to some at ITH im not the only one that sees these as a rockfest. On average after about 40 mins of play most of the table is still in, if you compare this to bodog, 2 or 3 players are often out within the first 2 levels!
Theres an interesting discussion here if anyones interested:

So im trying out the turbos at the moment, apparently these are quite soft. Ive started at the 6.50s just to get used to the format. Ive played 6 so far, 3 wins and 2 2nd places. Even though its a minute sample, the results are already looking a lot better than those at the $10 standards.

Im thinking I could try multitabling these and hopefully make a bit more profit than singletabling the $10s.

Ive also invested in sit n go powertools:

Its a very useful tool for making all in or fold decisions during the endgame of sngs, the most important part. Its got a hefty price tag at $79, but worth it in my opinion.

Finally I deposited at WillHill to take advantage of the pay per hour promotion. Theyre paying £5 an hour up to a max of £25. This is an awesome bonus, I deposited $100 and have already almost doubled it to $191! Im gonna try do this every month now, its so easy to clear at $1-$2 limit. I just play ridiculously tight playing about 2 tables at a time for an hour :)

So to summarise, my bankroll is as follows:

willhill : 192.53
bodog: 108.49
pokerstars: 516.40
party: 202.12
neteller: 121.68

TOTAL: $1144.22