Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Party Poker - I found $10 :)

And magically turned it into $96!
After my 15 sng no cashes I switched to party for a change of scenery. Found $10 in my account so decided to see what I could do with it. I played a $6 turbo and won, the played another 2 and came second.
I waited till I had around 5 buyins for the next level then moved up to the $11 turbos. The play here is very very fishy compared to pokerstars!!! I was playing an $11 yesterday, when the bubble finally burst I chatted something like 'at last the bubble has burst', another player then types 'Bubble??!'. To which another player had to explain what the bubble was, LOVE IT!

Im gonna use this party money as a mini challenge to see how high I can take it, just as a break from pokerstars for the moment. Maybe party is a better place to play sngs if the play is consistently this bad?
It would be nice if I could take it past my $250 loss on pokerstars but that may be a little too ambitious!

Im annoyed with myself for letting myself tilt, I honestly thought it wouldnt happen to me as it usually takes a lot for me to lose my patience. I noticed I started playing a lot more passive, and playing silly hands out of position.
One thing I have also learnt is that multitabling does not help during times like this, losing on 4 tables at once is a lot harder to accept than losing on one at a time..

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bad Times :(

Ok im tilting right now, 14 sngs in a row not one single cash, this is horrible!
Im down over $200 since my last post, when the fuck is this going to end....

Excuse my language im just a bit frustrated at the moment, my hard earned bankroll is slowly going down the pan. The annoying thing is Im playing my usual game, making the right decisions according to SNG poker tracker, yet nothing is holding up...not good at all..................................

Thursday, February 22, 2007

On step forward....Two Steps Back!

The title of my post I think perfectly sums up sngs, constantly one step forward closely followed by 2 sometimes 3 steps back! Upswing followed by downswing followed by downswing followed by upswing..and so on.

In my last post my pokerstars account was up to a whopping $800, now it is down to $690. My ROI is at a miserable 11.5%, granted Ive only played 113 sngs though.
At this rate I really cant see how the hell am I going to get up to 3k by the end of this year??
The plan is to play to 200 sngs at $15 then see where I stand after that. I honestly think the best chance I have at reaching my milestone is to play more MTTs, but the truth is I just dont have the time.
A lot of my time at the moment is spent training for my brown belt, I need to make sure I pass this time!

Anyway just a short update for now, current bankroll:

WillHill: $130.88
Stars: $690.88
Party: $10(I have no idea where this came from, probably some sort of bonus!)
Neteller: $271.68

TOTAL: $1103.44

SNG ROI: 11.5%

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2 table turbo madness

Well Ive had an interesting experience playing the 2 table $15 turbos. The play is terrible, so I should be winning..right??....WRONG!
I dont know what it is, maybe im playing too tight I dont know but I just cant seem to get consistent cashes on these things. Granted ive only played 13 which isnt much at all, but I get the feeling things arent going to improve. It seems that because of the extra fishy play I am getting constantly busted by suckout after suckout.
In my last game I was chipleader on the final table, blinds were big. I pushed QQ utg, UTG+1 called with A70. What the hell did he think he was beating here?????
Of course the A came on the river and I proceed to lose half my stack. Very next hand I get TT late position, I push get called by KK :( Game over..
Theoretically I should be beating these in the long run, but how many do I have to play until things even out? My scores are one first, two seconds and a fourth.

Im now back to the single tables, things are going pretty badly at the moment. My ROI has dropped to 14% having not cashed in the last 5. So my bankroll has taken about a $200 hit in the last week or so :(

I must admit im beginning to get a bit frustrated as my BR doesnt seem to be increasing, if it does it soon drops back down again! Maybe I need to play some MTTs?

BTW Ive found quite a reassuring way to combat tilt and to stop me retaliating to abusing fish in the chatbox. Log on to and use the free search. When you get that 'haha bye bye' from mr fish having knocked you out on the bubble by catching his runner runner flush, log on to sharkscope and check out his username. Every time ive done this without fail it will confirm my read by showing a negative profit and negative ROI%, quite often in the thousands.
I know its sad but it makes me feel better, at least im making profit however small it may be!!!!

Yours in frustration....Trej!