Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Party Poker - I found $10 :)

And magically turned it into $96!
After my 15 sng no cashes I switched to party for a change of scenery. Found $10 in my account so decided to see what I could do with it. I played a $6 turbo and won, the played another 2 and came second.
I waited till I had around 5 buyins for the next level then moved up to the $11 turbos. The play here is very very fishy compared to pokerstars!!! I was playing an $11 yesterday, when the bubble finally burst I chatted something like 'at last the bubble has burst', another player then types 'Bubble??!'. To which another player had to explain what the bubble was, LOVE IT!

Im gonna use this party money as a mini challenge to see how high I can take it, just as a break from pokerstars for the moment. Maybe party is a better place to play sngs if the play is consistently this bad?
It would be nice if I could take it past my $250 loss on pokerstars but that may be a little too ambitious!

Im annoyed with myself for letting myself tilt, I honestly thought it wouldnt happen to me as it usually takes a lot for me to lose my patience. I noticed I started playing a lot more passive, and playing silly hands out of position.
One thing I have also learnt is that multitabling does not help during times like this, losing on 4 tables at once is a lot harder to accept than losing on one at a time..

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