Friday, March 02, 2007


My results on sharkscope are looking terrible recently due to the downswing. This graph tells it all:

As you can see I lost a lot more than I thought, to think my profit was over $500 at one point. In the last week it has dropped to $141. Lol my form is 'Super Tilt', going back last week that would be about right! I even played a $55 sng for some stupid reason, when I was losing. I think it was a desperate attempt to try and get my losses back.

Whilst browsing sharkscope I had a look at the leaderboard and couldnt beleive how much some people are making from sngs!!
But what is quite reassuring is that a lot of these players have hit nasty downswings along the way, the graphs show steady inclines with a few troughs every noe and again.
I need to realise that even the best players go through dowswings and if im a winning player I should eventually make what I lost back and more.


Bazclef said...

Swings like that are entirely possible, Trej. I've seen them! All you can do is make sure you keep playing your A game and you'll bounce back.

Upswing could be just around the corner!


trejster said...

Yeah I think your right, as you can see by my latest post, things do seem to be improving!

Thanks for reading