Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

Just a quick note to say Merry Xmas all and a happy new year :)

My poker playing has slowed somewhat over the last few weeks due to christmas drinking and mince pie eating etc etc lol. SO fat bastard is me at the moment, gonna have to get straight back into the kickboxing after xmas as I have a fight next march so all the mince pies are gonna have to go!

Im still plugging at the $15 sngs, not doing too bad at the moment however still floating around what my bankroll was last time I posted due to playing a few mtts. Having fun though. ALso just ordered 3 books using the ITH free gift offer as I finally cleared the pokerstars bonus. THe books are:

Little Green Book by Phil Gordon
Internet Texas Holdem by Matthew Hilger
Texas Holdem Odds and Probabilities by Matthew Hilger

I will try to post a review of these books once finished

Im hoping to take advantage of the new pokerstars reload 25% up to %150, should help pad the bankroll :)
Anyway Later all, have a good one, drink and be merry!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ok time to move up..Again! :)

Well Ive had some success at the $6 turbos, im very happy with a ROI of %40 over 54 sngs. I know this is a small sample to reflect on but the play is definately soft. SNGPT has been very useful to me in making decisions during the endgame, ive noticed im able to make push/fold decisions a lot easier in the later stages of the turbos sngs, and dont need to refer to SNGPT after each game so much as I was before.

Any player that has researched the right situations to push in these games definately has an edge. I see so many people not pushing at the right times, or pushing at the wrong times. According to my sng tracking spreadsheet ive made $140 profit at these :)

So Ive decided im being way too conservative with my bankroll, its time to take on the $16 beasts eek! Well ive played 3 so far with a 3rd and two 2nds. Nice way to start, early days yet though!

So my bankroll has seen a small increase to $1210 having lost a bit at William Hill during the bonus chase.

I promised my girlfriend I would treat her if I managed to take my bankroll over 1k so ive decided to cash out $150 to take her out for a meal this weekend. Its a shame the Exchange rate is so crap for converting to sterling at the moment, from $150 I got about £75, not the best considering I would have got a lot more back about 6 months ago, but theres no point in waiting, I cant see it getting any better any time soon.

To summarise:
willhill :170
bodog: 87.99
pokerstars: 640
ladbrokes: 3
neteller: 271.68 - 150 cashout = 121.68

Bankroll before cashout = 1210.99
After Cashout = $1060.99

Im gonna hit WillHill again this month hopefully for another $50 @:)