Monday, January 15, 2007

$3 Rebuy satellite - I won :)

I entered a satellite for the sunday warm up, not really intending to play the warm up but just because I fancied playing a MTT and this one was starting soon so I thought what the hell!
I had a stinking hangover yesterday but somehow I still managed to play well! I had a bad start but a good/lucky finish. There seems to be a pattern emerging where I do well in these things when hungover!!

I had some hands in the first hour but lost all the flips, had to rebuy about 4 times. I think I may have been a bit too aggressive. So I didnt get the double up before the end of the rebuy, went in with my original starting stack plus the add on. I definately think my experience with the turbos helped a lot, I managed to make some good steals with my short stacks that helped me somehow keep up with the blinds. Throughout most of the tournament I always had about the average or just left.
The bubble was painful, blinds were something like 10,000/20,000 and I had a stack of about 57k in the bb. There were about 40 players left at this point, 32 got a seat!
This was my first satellite and first experience with the stallers, everyone did by the time the blinds got back round to me they had gone up to 20,000 and 40,000, basically putting me almost all in on the bb with 82o - I nearly cried...But by some genius stroke of luck, the whole table including the small blind folded round to me..WOOT! I folded my small blind(though I probably should have pushed really as bb should have folded practically any hand at this point, bear in mind there were 34 players left and 32 got a seat). The next hand it was all over and id won the seat :)

I decided to unregister and keep the T$, my hangover was worsening at this point lol. So thats given me a good boost, and just like my last MTT win right after the downswing!
Im thinking I may keep these T$ as a kind of minibankroll for MTTs only, that way I have a seperate bankroll for sngs and mtts so I can keep better track of where my profit is coming from..

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