Friday, January 05, 2007

Downswing Again :(

So far 10 sngs in a row, not even one cash!!!! This is beginning to get very frustrating, the amount of times ive gone out on the bubble 2nd in chips but low M. Push with a premium pair first in and called by the big stack who hits his hand on the flop or river, Im determined not to drop down to the $6s though, im positive this is variance so I must be due an upswing eventually!

Im always tempted to try another site at times like this, I know I should face the music though really. However Interpoker are running a nice reload at the moment which can now be cleared by sngs, but its only running until the end of the month. So Im considering depositing there and playing until the end of the month, at least to stop me tilting as its bound to happen eventually if this downswing continues!

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