Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An end to the beast of all downswings?

Ok its probably not that much of a loss compared to some others but it felt like my hard earned bankroll was slowly draining away from me! Finally after a nasty run of 26 sngs, only cashing in 5 I managed two seconds and a first place yesterday. So fingers crossed things will be back to normal.

I watched my pokerstars account drop from $640 to $450 at one point. Now its back up to $557. Still at a loss but hopefully I can make that up with a few cashes.
It really is tough this sng game, lots of variance it seems which can get very frustrating! I also found myself slightly tilting towards the end when none of my hands seemed to hold up and my aces were constantly getting cracked - the biggest sign of tilt for me was when I raised KJ from early position and called a reraise all in, what the hell was I thinking! I would never usually do this, and that was the first time I felt my frame of mind was affecting my actions. So I took a break that day and carried on plugging away the next day.
I noticed it affected by mood no matter how much I tried not to let it get to me, something I definately need to work on.

Although I suggested in my last post I should maybe try another site I realise this isnt the solution when on a downswing. Eventually things have to get better for a winning player, so say the stats...

So to summarise my progress in the $15 turbos:

Played: 71
ITM: 38.0%
ROI: 16% - EDITED: My ROI Isnt 28% I miscalculated. Not as good as I thought but still early days

I cant really complain, I have a positive ROI though I realise this doesnt mean much at the moment for such a low count.

Im enjoying this blogging thing at the moment, I find it quite satisfying having somewhere to deposit my random rambles lol

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