Monday, October 02, 2006

At last :)

Wohoo I finally cleared it. Bodog bonus over and done with :) I had a few problems withdrawing, at first they declined me saying I hadnt made the requirements(even though I was actualy 50 points over the required amount!). Got onto customer services though and managed to sort it - cashed out $300 and left $80 in my account - my poker points are around 370 at the moment so i may aswell get them up to 400 so I can enter some of the T builder tournaments. Turned out to be a good investment that one!!

Ive had quite a successful week in all. As soon as I got my funds from bodog I deposited at WilliamHill to take advantage of the september bonus paying £10 an hour up to £50! Probably one of the best bonuses ive seen actually, loaded up two tables of $1-$2 fixed limit and just played uber tight, managed to steal a few blinds quite easily, every table was a rock garden.
It seemed to good to be true, after 1 hour of play on two tables, two payments of $18 instantly in my account!! Long story short I deposited $150 and cashed out $250 just a few days later. This bonus chasing can be quite lucrative!!

So now my bankroll stands at $750. I decided to take advantage of the party poker reload this month, 20% sign up bonus up to $75. Ive deposited the max $375 and hope to clear 750 raked hands multitabling 0.50/1 limit plus a bit of NL. Im gonna have to get a book on Limit cash games as im sure im making mistakes being a NL player. Im never quite sure whether I should be cold calling raises with something like aq or reraising preflop?

Ps about the 10th hand in playing two tables at party, the most amazing thing happened. I had AA at exactly the same time on both tables!! Then the flop on both tables both contained another ace, so I got AAA on both tables at the same time, what are the odds on that happening???!!!!!!!!!! Didnt get many callers though so only made about $12. Cant complain though!!

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