Sunday, October 29, 2006

Need an upstreak!

Ok im not running great at the moment, im not doing badly but im not doing well either!

My bankroll at the moment stands at just over $700 but it still looks a long way from the big 3k :(
The problem is I just cant seem to win at the moment, ive got plenty of 3rds. A sprinkling of 2nds but hardly any 1sts. I could really do with just one win to pick up my bankroll a bit.
I think I need to reread the harrington books as there are certain aspects of my game which need some work on. Im finding the opposition at the $10 level a lot more challenging than the $5 sngs - everyone says the $10 levels should be easy, so what does that say, does this mean im crap!?

I also need to make a decision on which site to play at as im currently switching between party, stars bodog and ladbrokes. My bankroll is split between them all
Im sure stars has me on a downstreak at the moment as im getting bugger all hands compared to the other sites so im having a break from stars at the moment....

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