Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WOOT!! First MTT Win and $1k Milestone!

Wohoo how happy am I! Looks like my moaning did some good, the poker gods answered my prayers. On my last $20 at stars I decided to have a bash at the $10 Sng 180 man. And I went and won the bloody thing!! I know its not a huge cash but for me bankroll its a major boost.
Throughout most of the tournament I had no hands and at one point my M slipped down to 6, but I think I played my short stack quite well, pushing at the right spots. With about an hour to go I started catching cards, and winning lots of coinflips.

I know the pictures crap but you can kind of jsut about see my name at the top, 1st place for $540 :)
I also had my first royal flush! Looking back at my previous post only a few hours before I entered this tournament this is a drastic turnaround, just what I needed.
The guys on IRC chat at ITH railed me on the final table, so thanks to them for supporting me.

Im in work at the moment so dont have exact figures but I know roughly my bankroll now stands at around $1200. Ive only got about 120 fpps so still a long way from the $50 bonus at stars..

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