Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ITH members got together last week and staked a load of players in the Sunday million - I saw this as a golden opportunity to get my money in where its best as there are some awesome tourney players on ITH. Therefore this kinda persuaded me to finally deposit at pokerstars.
Ive been meaning to deposit for awhile but just aint got round to it, I deposited $100 to get the $50 bonus. I sent a $50 stake to krazyxtan for the tourney - As it turned out there werent any major winners, only one person ITM meaning a return of $8 :( Oh well, maybe next time!

My bankroll then is spread between pokerstars party poker, ladbrokes and bodog. Im kinda undecided at the moment which side to play at. The majority of my cash is at party due to the reload bonus but im tempted to take most of that out due to the new US legislation meaning the traffic at party is bound to suffer....

I played a few $10 SNGs at pokerstars. OMG the first two I received terrible bad beats, on the first hand of both tournaments out straight away. The first with AA, raised all in preflop against KK. Another K shows up on the flop. So straight onto the next SNG, qq first hand. V nice!Now theres one limper UTG, im on the button so I raise to about $80(blinds $10/$20). UTG minreraises me to $160. Uh oh, have to call though. Flop comes AKQ - hmmm tricky flop. I have the set but J10 beats me plus AAA.
I figure I cant get away from this hand, I know I was minreraised preflop but that could mean anything at this point - in fact I put him on AK(wishful thinking maybe).

Anyway to cut a long story short, all the chips ended up in the middle and villain shows J10!!!!!! A minreraise preflop with J10? Well fair play to him he got all my chips. Out straight away. NOT A GOOD START!!

PS I anyone happens to be reading this im trying to figure out a way to get my hand historys into my blog with illustrated cards and not boring old text. Anyone know how to do this?

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