Friday, September 22, 2006

Nice run!

Ok since moving up to the $10 sngs at bodog so far ive won 2 placed second in two and 4th in the last. I cant help but think I may be on the start of a good run at the moment but im not complaining! Its good timing for me as im nearing the end of my bonus chase at bodog. I now have 330 points, need another 20 to clear the bonus, so fingers crossed ill finish it this weekend.
This little run has boosted my bodog bankroll to $325 :) including my ladbrokes account this takes me up to, off the top of my head a few $ off $600(excuse my inaccuracy, im typing this at work at 8.35 am friday morning. Brain isnt fully functional yet!!).

Apparently im gonna need to overplay the bonus otherwise bodog get pissed off, poeple abusing the bonus etc. Theyve got a cheek though, they still aint fixed my software problem - im just a minority according to them!
So plan is to get a few more points over 350 then withdraw. My next decision is where to go next, ill probably withdraw from Ladbrokes also and go for another bonus chase elsewhere.

Bye for now!

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