Monday, September 11, 2006

My kickboxing bout

Firstly im gonna apologise for being slow in updating this, ive been busy over the last few weeks training for a full contact kickboxing fight last saturday. I realise I am most likely talking to myself, but i like to pretend someone might actually be reading this..and it keeps me sane!

Saturday was the big day for me, this was my 3rd kickboxing fight(So far ive won one and lost the other). A lot of people think that having fought before in the ring then it would mean you would be less nervous for the next one.....For me it is the complete opposite, I think because I already know what it feels like to fight in the ring in front of hundreds of people it makes me even more nervous. It is a very nervewracking experience! The nerves hit me the week before the fight actually, I found myself constantly thinking about it, couldnt get hardly any work done - I still played some poker, it was actually quite good for me. helped me take my mind off it!

The night before the fight I was feeling quite down, I think I was just very tired - I was training 6 days a week and had only slowed down in the last week so I think my body had started to complain. I was in bed by 9.30 friday night and woke up feeling on top of the world, wide awake and feeling very hyper.
I basically stayed that way for the rest of the day - I went to a bbq at a mates for his 25th birthday, sipped squash and somehow stayed away from the burgers all day while everyone else got pissed :( (I hadnt had a drink for 5 weeks!). I was due to weigh in at 5.30. 4.00 came along and I was still at the bbq - the food hadnt been served yet so I started to panic! 4.15 panic over, steaks chicken and lamb kebabs galore :) Had a humungous potatoe and a bowl of pasta, and felt carbed up to the max!

Got to the coal exchange in Cardiff bay for about 5.45(Theres no point in turning up on time for these things, it always takes hours to get things sorted). To my amazement, all the fighters had been matched up - all we had to do was weigh in. They even had a list on the wall showing whose fighting who and what time etc, this is a first!
I weighed in at just over 85kg, about 3kgs heavier than my opponent.
I watched the first few fights and must admit I still felt pretty good, I necked a can of red bull - the effects soon kicked in and I felt even more hyper than before.

About an hour before the fight(about 9.30) I started to feel tired, i was sweating already and had a heavy feeling in my head. this wasnt good...Did some warming up on the pads, and felt v slow compared to my usual standard in training. I just felt as if my energy was lacking for some this point I was thinking all sorts of things. ...'Please dont let this happen again, not like last time'. The same happened to me last time just before the fight, lacking energy and feeling slightly dehydrated
'You have to win this, everyones come to see you they think your going to win. You cant let these people down' I kept telling myself not to think negative, to just go in and do the business. But my body was telling me something else, just didnt feel right..

'In the red corner........' My name was called and I make my way to to the ring, followed by my corner guys. Walking through the crowd I dont see or hear anyone, Im looking straight at the ring nowhere else.
I get in the ring, the ref calls us to the middle..I have no idea what he said to me, I think I just nodded! I looked at my opponent he wouldnt look back at me, he looked a little bit scared.

Bell went, first round. Took a jab straight away, cut my eye instantly! I think I must be one of these people with stupidly soft skin as I seem to cut v easily.
I was pissed off at having taken a punch already so tried to counter, I got quite a few punches in on him but just wasnt on form. I felt quite weak and lacking in energy, I basically decided to let him to do the work - to not use up too much energy and counter attack when I get the chance.
1st round over, instructor tells me ive got the first round. I wasnt confident though - why am I so slow? Im mcuh quicker than this in training?
He tells me I have to win, i can win this. This is my fight! I need to throw more kicks, somehow id forgotten to kick. This is a kickboxing fight after all!

Round 2 - I charge straight in with a jab followed by a right roundhouse to the ribs then a left roundhouse to the ribs. We clinch quite a few times and trade punches toe to toe for a while, when he backs away and looks to the ground. The ref steps in and calls timeout, he is crouched over in his corner. I think hes winded - ref puts my hand up..OMG ive won! How the hell did I do that!!!!
I have some pics which ill try put up, my face is a picture. So releived!

That night I celebrated with a few pints and a curry at 3 in the morning. How I stayed awake that long I dont know...


Fumseck said...

Hey! congrats on your win!

I have done Judo for 10 years (when I was younger ;) ) and I know the feeling before a match.

I do Karate now (much more gentler on the articulations) and I had my first competition about 1.5 years ago. It's "touch" Karate, so there is no hard impact, not like what you are doing. I am 38, have done a lot of competiton in my youth and I was still nervous before the match.

So the nervousness never really goes away but you get better at controlling it.

Good luck in your future matches!

trejster said...

Thanks Fumseck, its nice to know someones reading this!!

People are telling me it gets easier so im gonna have to trust you on that lol.
Ive got a rematch in 3 weeks with the same guy!
Good luck to you too in the karate and the poker.
PS Ive added a link to your blog

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win! I'm a female kickboxer, and I just started training about 4 months ago. I haven't had any real matches yet, but I've been sparring with a couple different opponents.

I'm usually a nervous nelly, but for some reason I don't get to worried over the sparring. That might change with my first match though.

Good luck!