Thursday, August 24, 2006

A break from Bodog

Having gone through a bad downswing which never seemed to want to end I decided to have abreak from Bodog and see if my luck improves elsewhere.
I still have funds in Ladbrokes (these had dropped to around $260) so decided to go play some sngs on here for a change in scenery. I actually prefer the structure here, the blinds are a bit quicker but they start you with 1500 chips(bodog is 1000, each game takes over an hour to finish). The downside to the sngs on ladbrokes is the $1 fee for the $5 games..but then again the play is pretty poor (as with bodog!). However at Ladbrokes I have had some success at SNGs.

This week was my first week back to Ladbrokes. Ive only 5 SNGs at LAdbrokes this week, plus a few at Bodog. Ive played about 4 Bodog tourneys all of which I have lost, and each to a bad beat. At Ladbrokes Ive won1 and placed second in 3, the 5th SNG I came 4th- and this was only because I accidentally opened two SNGs at the same time, and I ended up heads up in one and playing the bubble in the other. I won heads up and went out in 4th in the other one, though I am confident I could have cashed in this if I gave it full attention - Multitabling is not for me, I cant deal with lots of screens flashing at me to make multiple decisions at once lol. I nearly accidentally folded QQs preflop yesterday first in!

Now..I havent exactly had amazing cards at Ladbrokes, or hit a number of flops etc. I dont think ive had any sets, just an average amount of overcards/pocket pairs. Ive just had less bad beats, and ive also managed to steal a lot more, pulling off some bluffs in the right spots - I think my postflop game has improved recently due to thinking a lot more about my decisions and paying attention to betting patterns.
Here is a key hand which won me $500. I had nothing when I bet, but I felt I had a read on the guy. Unfortunately Cybrarians hand convertor isnt working at the moment so its just boring ol text at the moment, but you get the picture. Ill try update it when the hand convertor is fixed:

splors2 sitting in seat 1 with $2050.00
- AliMacG sitting in seat 3 with $1690.00
- TSO1 sitting in seat 5 with $3345.00
- trejster sitting in seat 7 with $3030.00
- Gustavsvik sitting in seat 8 with $1805.00 [Dealer]
- Happiz sitting in seat 10 with $2930.00

Happiz posted the small blind - $50.00
splors2 posted the big blind - $100.00

** Dealing card to trejster: 7 of Clubs, 8 of Clubs

Here you can see im on the button, the blinds are significant so I quite fancy a steal here :) My image is pretty tight so far

AliMacG folded
TSO1 folded
trejster raised - $300.00
Gustavsvik folded
Happiz folded
splors2 called - $300.00

** Dealing the flop: King of Hearts, 3 of Clubs, 3 of Spades
splors2 checked
trejster checked

I would usually stick a continuation bet here but decided to check and keep the pot small, and see what the bb does. bear in mind I did this earlier in the game with a set

** Dealing the turn: 9 of Spades
splors2 bet - $200.00
trejster raised - $500.00
splors2 folded
trejster mucks:
trejster wins $1350.00 from the main pot

The small $200 bet simply looked like probe bet to me, he wasnt sure about my check on the flop so wanted to see where he stands. I cant see him calling with a 9 from the BB so I doubt the 9 has helped him. If he had a king he most likely would have bet the flop, any other big pair I reckon wouldve reraised preflop.
I had a strong feeling that a reraise could take the pot here, I sensed weakness and luckily for me it worked out.

I had a few hands like this throughout the game where my reads paid off, I do feel like my game has stepped up a level. Now Im dying to reach the $600 so I can up the limits, im confident the skill level cant be too much of a jump...

Anyways im gonna keep track of my bankroll ups and downs at the end of each post:

Bodog Funds: $230(inc $100 bonus funds) Points: 220 (another 80 needed)
Ladbrokes Funds: $302.89

Good luck all!

Ps Apologies for the essay, once I start I cant stop!!! If anyone has any similair blogs please add a comment with your blog name, I love reading these things :)

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