Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cant get out!

Ok I now it sounds a bit dramatic but does anyone ever get the feeling they are trapped by a poker site due to being stuck on a bonus chase? Or am I just losing it lol!

I get this feeling with Bodog, im gonna be honest I hate the site. I signed up for a 100% up to $100 sign up bonus a few months ago. It is an instant upfront bonus but you cant withdraw until 300 points have been reached.
Sounds lucrative right? Well yeah I guess it does. Its not easy to clear though, ive played there for the last 2 months or so and am only halfway through it. For a low limit player like me its not too easy. Basically you get1 point for every $1 in rake for cash games, and 3 points for every $1 in tournament fees.
Ive worked out that it clears quicker (not a lot quicker) for me by playing SNGs. So at the moment ive got 210 points, I deposited $100. Inc the bonus I have $234 in my account, I need to play about 60 more SNGs to clear the bonus.
I know this doesnt sound a lot, but I just hate playing at this site and am just dying to cash out and play elsewhere. I have my reasons:

The software is terrible! I cannot sign in the regular way, I have to click on account preferences then my account to sign in(as advised by cust service)! But I cannot access any of my hand histories, I cannot access my profile/image etc or many of the other options on the site, I get asked to log in again and again!! AAAAAAAHHH
Ive been onto customer service for months who have told me it only affects a handful of people therefore its not a priority for them to fix it.
This is a major issue for me as I cant post my hand histories for review onhere and ITH - I have some classic hands to post but cant access them :(

Now this site is completely crammed with fish, now I know what your thinking this is a good thing right. Well sometimes..but at the moment its not a good thing. Yep im going through a downswing(Youd never guess would you!), out of the last 15 SNGs ive played ive only cashed in about 3. Now I dont think im a bad player, I play tight in the early stages and step up the aggression in the later levels, it has worked for me in the past.
But lately I cant do anything right, donks are calling my raises left right and centre - any ace is a monster, obvously! ......
Today I busted out in 8th with kk, donk calls raise from CO with A8(this particular donk drew out on my straight earlier by catching a flush on the river) along with the sb(im in the bb).
Flop Qs6s2h. I decide to bet the pot, noones gonna draw out on me. Donk calls...
8h on the turn - looks like a safe card to me, I bet about 1/3 pot..donk calls again??
River is 8 of course :( , I only have about 300chips(started with 1000) - donk calls :(

This is happening constantly at the moment, how I havent thrown my laptop out the window I dont know!
Anyway as you can tell my quest aint going swimmingly at the moment. As soon as I clear this bonus im g0nna withdraw and look elsewhere, Im considering purchasing SNGPT too.
I have $250 in my ladbrokes account which I will also withdraw the majority of and try find a big bonus chase somewhere.
Meanwhile im thinking of depositing a small amount onto pokerstars just to give it a whirl, ive heard good things about this place, I think i have about $50 sitting in my neteller account - may be a nice break from bodog!

Please excuse my ranting im not always like this, heres hoping my next post will be a bit more positive! Oh I have a full contact kickboxing fight in a few weeks, that should help me let off abit of steam ;)

PS It was nice to see my first comment on my first post. Cheers Llanlad, another fellow welshman!

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