Monday, August 14, 2006

A bit about me and my Quest

Hi im Gareth or Trej as most people know me by, im 25 and live in Cardiff Wales.
This blog is to track any progress I make on my new quest :)

First a bit of background about me, im a software developer by day and kickboxer/poker player by night lol! I train at the dojo about 4 times a week but I always manage to find time for poker...somehow!
I started playing poker back in October when i found a link to a free $10 for Royal Vegas. I couldnt turn down free money ;)
So I took my $10 and planned to turn it into $100. Lol, I lost that within days. But im not a quitter..I deposited $50 into party poker for the free $25, within days I was up over $100 but yep you guessed it I lost it all the next week!

Now heres where I used my common sense, and decided to do some research on texas holdem before depositing any more. I logged onto and found a very useful article on bankroll strategy. This taught me to stick at the microlimits!

Next I logged onto ITH - This site was a godsend!!!! There are some very good players on this site offering some very sound advice. With the help from ITH and their free gift offer I deposited at doyles room for2 free books - Harrington on Holdem and Harrington on Holdem 2. These are the most useful books ive read, ive come to learnfrom reading these books how to play SNGs and MTTs and soon realised that im a tournament player - cash games are not for me!

Anyways to cut a long story short I built a bankroll on Doyles up to around $100 then withdrew and deposited at Ladbrokes for a $250 bonus for depositing and referring a friend. Ive also had free money from partypoker added to my account which ive managed to increase.
Having reached $300 I deposited $100 at bodog for the 100% bonus. This is the stage at which im at at the moment - Im about halfway through the bonus andintend to clear it solely playing SNGs. Once this is cleared I should be up to around $500..still along way to go :(

Me and my girlfriend have always wanted to go to Australia however we do not have the funds at the moment. So ive masterminded a plan!!
Ive worked out ill probably need around $3000 by Christmas 2007 (We want to spend Christmas 2007 in Australia!).

Having had some success so far(have only been playing since october 2005) ive decided to try and build up enough of a bankroll to fund my trip to Australia!

Now I realise most people make this kind of money quite quickly playing poker but for a low limit player with a small bankroll, its not so easy!

I have a bankroll of exactly$420 at the moment. This is split between Ladbrokes and Bodog Poker.

Once ive cleared this I plan to move on and chase some more bonuses. At the moment im playing $5 SNG's however once I reach $600 I will most likely move up to $10 tourneys.. WISH ME LUCK! I will update this blog weekly :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Cymro ..

Im sure you will make it to Australia for December 2007 .

As long as you stay away from me on the poker tables that is ;)