Monday, September 18, 2006

Upping the stakes - $10 sngs

Ok well so much for me waiting until I reach $500 before trying out the $10 tourneys.
Ive seen such bad play at the $5 and $6 sngs, ive decided to see if $10 is the same.

To be honest ive seen no difference whatsover, I bubbled my first three but I won last night. A cool $50 wohoo!
I know its not much but I really thought I had no chance in this one, at one point I had an M of 6 versus 4 other players with Ms over 15. But I used harringtons low m strategy and somehow managed to break the bubble. Two chipleaders went all in against eachother on the bubble aq vs ak preflop and put me in the money! Unbeleiveable considering I only had a few bbs left at this point

I was happy to be in 3rd at this point and assumed thats the way it would stay, I had about 700 chips. Other 2 have a few grand! BB is 300 at this point, I was very selective in moving all in with practically no fold equity. And they folded every time! I moved up to second place and knocked out the third.

So its heads up, chip leader has a 7-1 chip lead on me no word of a lie!
Blnids up to 500 so im all in with a wide range of hands - thinking this is it im resigned to second, my chipleader again folds to my all in every time!!!
I flopped a full house at one point, slow played and took the chiplead. He finally calls my all in with 52o, versus my 55. They hold up and I win!!! Couple more like that and im laughing :)

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