Saturday, September 16, 2006

Almost there!

Well nearly anyway! Im up to 302 points on bodog, I rejoiced thinking I can now withdraw my inital deposit and bonus but ive just been informed that the 50 points they start you with doesnt count towards the bonus!
Oh well another 48 points to go.
Ive moved up to the $10 tourneys now, ive lost the last 3.
The last hand I busted out with was 88 in the bb. 1 limper utg folded round to me, I push with 720 (blinds 100 and 50). UTG calls w j10(2000 chips)
I thought it was a poor call personally but thats the way it goes
2 jacks and an 8 appear on the flop, the turn brings another jack JUST TO RUB IT IN!!!

I really am suffering some terrible beats lately, just wanna clear the bonus and get out.

BTW If anyone is actually reading this do you have any tips on what to do with my bankroll once ive cleared the bonus? My bankroll including money from ladbrokes will be around $550.
Im hoping theres some juicy bonus out there that will help boost my bankroll a bit!

I know pokerstars isoffering a deposit bonus at the mo, they dont do it often so think I will deposit some there. Ive heard good things about pokerstars.

Anyways best be off.
Oh yeah ive got a rematch with the same fella I fought last week in 3 weeks time. THis will be my first away fight - just as I relax and start pigging out again, its back to the hard work! Wish me luck
Good luck all at the tables :)

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